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renovating units

Renovating Units And Increasing The Property Value

In real estate, it’s all about the value. And when I say the “value” I don’t mean just the property itself, but how you can increase that value with simple renovations. Property Renovation is the process of renewing properties.  Renovating units and increasing the value of your rental property is a great way to increase

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value add real estate definition

Value Add Real Estate Definition And Strategy

Value add real estate (also known as “value-added”) is a property investing strategy that refers to any investment that provides an increase in asset value. In the most basic terms, it refers to improvements made to a property that increases its market value above historic levels and beyond what might have been expected from simple capitalization of rental income.

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Invest in Apartment Building

Should You Invest In Apartment Building? (And Why You Should)

Apartment investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio, create income and enjoy tax benefits. But other investment strategies may offer some of these benefits, but not as strong as though with apartments. So the question we all have (especially if you are newer to the industry) is: is it worth it?

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