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How to Build a Multifamily Investment Portfolio: A Checklist for Passive Investors

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If you’re a passive investor looking to build a multifamily investment portfolio, this ebook is the perfect guide for you. It provides a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to consider before making an investment, including market research, property analysis, financing options, and property management strategies. With this checklist, you can confidently navigate the complex world of multifamily investing and build a portfolio that generates passive income for years to come.

Why Multifamily?

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Cash Preservation

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Steady Cash Flows

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Equity Appreciation

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Return Of Investment

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Huge ROI
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Meet The Growth Capital Group

Mike Desrosiers

Mike Desrosiers is the founder and CEO of the Growth Capital Group, LLC and Ranch Group, LLC. Mike has over 30 years of real estate experience focused on value add properties in emerging markets. In addition, Mike is a general partner in twelve multifamily properties through nine syndications totaling over 1,000 apartments and +65 million in assets under management. Properties under management in Texas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and California. Mike’s focus has been on acquiring undervalued properties that offer appreciation through renovation and proper management. Mike’s business experience includes many business entities, including over 30 years as a successful promotion and marketing agency CEO. In addition, he is a licensed California realtor and a licensed private pilot.

Learn more by requesting an introductory call with me through LinkedIn InMail or visiting my website at

We look forward to sharing my knowledge about multifamily with you.

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