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How to AVOID Paying Taxes (LEGALLY… and with Blessings From the U.S. Government)
About The Webinar:
In our live educational webinar where we’ll be revealing some little-known strategies that can save you thousands each year, the most powerful tax loopholes used by the rich, and some year-end maneuvers that can save you a mini-fortune in taxes
Here’s a sample of the topics we’ll be covering:

Proactive strategies investors use to save thousands every single year

LIttle-known tax loopholes used by the rich

Year-end tax-saving strategies to save a mini-fortune in taxes (there's still time... but you have to act NOW!)

How to increase your income... while actually reducing (or even eliminating) your taxes

How the rich really use debt and taxes to get richer

Insider strategies to pay zero capital gains tax (we're talking about ANY type of capital gain from the sale of stocks, crypto, a business, real estate, or any other type of asset sale.)

REVEALED: The biggest tax break in the entire U.S. tax code

Much, much more, plus... all your questions answered!

Ted Lanzaro
About Our Guest:
Ted Lanzaro – CPA, real estate investor, real estate broker, author and speaker with over 30 years of real estate tax consulting and investing experience. Ted has helped thousands of real estate investors and entrepreneurs implement cutting edge tax strategies that save them thousands of dollars annually on their taxes.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

6pm – 7:15 pm Pacific (9pm - 10:15 pm Eastern)

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"Great event! Very informative and a wealth of knowledge and strategy was on full display during the course of the evening. It was very inspiring to learn in the company of so many experienced individuals. Looking forward to the next event!
Aaron Shorter
Aaron Shorter