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Bay Area Multifamily And More Investor Meet-Up: Connecting Investors and Unveiling Opportunities


Welcome To The Bay Area Multifamily & More Real Estate Investing Club!
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The Value Of Investing In Industrial Assets

Speaker- Neil Wahlgren From Mag Capital Partners

Our Team

Mike Desrosiers

CEO at Growth Capital Group CEO & Publisher of Silicon Maps, Inc.


Barton Louie

Hospi Co-Founder, Fund to Fund Manager

Lioneil Guevarra

Managing Partner at Hospi, Real Estate Investing Adviser

Colm McEvilly

Investor Advocate at TGA Investment Partners

Kristine Desrosiers

Investor Relations & Research Specialist

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Eric Stewart

Michelle Jeong

neal bawa

Neil Wahlgren

Sarah Sullivan

Steven Glaude

Amy Sylvis

BD Dweik

BAMM Blast from the Past: Reliving Memorable Events


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Growth Capital Group offers investors low-risk strategies to create passive income streams that will diversify their portfolios and yield impressive results. We make it easy for investors of various income levels to become partners in our syndication deals.

Hospi, LLC is a minority-owned and operated real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisitions and operations of single-family and multifamily properties. We offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to produce passive income and build generational wealth.