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144 Units /
$77,083 Per Unit.

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Ashwood Park Apartments Pasadena, Texas

Introducing Ashwood Park Apartments in Pasadena, Texas. Within the Houston Metro, Ashwood Park Apartments is 144 units and is under contract for $11,100,000 USD. That is $77,083 per unit.

Strong negotiating and a little bit of good luck have allowed us to acquire this property for nearly a 30% discount against last years pricing range. Management believes that this is an opportune investment.

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144 Units / $77,083 USD Per Unit.

$11,100,000 USD Purchase Price.

Nearly 30% Discount Against Last Year's Asking Price.

Value Add Opportunity.

Refinance Scheduled within 24 Months.


7,100,000 Residents In Metro Area.

520 Billion GDP | 7th largest in US.

Youngest Major US City with Median Age at 34.9 Years.

The 2nd lowest living costs among the 20 most populous metro areas.

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We’re here to help investors access ethical and social property development projects that not only produce a return but contribute to a better world.

GCG is purchasing relatively stable multi-family properties with high generating passive cash flows. These properties are in strong employment areas with growth and stability that will outperform national averages.

Our philosophy is that if we can acquire high-quality assets with above-average cash flows, we will be able to ride the inflation wave and achieve significant long-term upside potential and appreciation over the next 5-7 years.
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